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Can’t delete snapshots after failed Veeam job May 4, 2011

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Ran into this issue today after testing a Veeam backup job in “hot add” mode. The job failed and left several snapshots in the VM’s directory. I attempted to delete the snapshots using the VI Client snapshot manager, and it showed that the snapshots were deleted, but they were still present on the disk.

The issue was that the disk was still attached to the Veeam virtual machine. The quick fix is to edit the properties of your Veeam guest and remove the other VM’s disk, then remove the snapshots. In my case I had jumped the gun already by attempting to delete the snaps through snapshot manager. I followed the clone process listed in the link above, then removed the hard disk from the Veeam guest, then was able to delete the source of the clone. And finally just to restore my environment to its original condition, I cloned the clone back to the original server name and deleted the clone.
And all is well!