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DSS issues July 12, 2009

Posted by jamesisaac in Uncategorized.

Configuring one open-e DSS for iSCSI? Easy. Takes about 15 minutes. A little longer to format the volume, but actual config time is quick.

Configuring two DSS’es to talk to each other and do the iSCSI automatic failover? Well, I’m ten hours in and it doesn’t work yet. I’m sure there’ s a magic switch somewhere that I’m just not finding, because it looks like it should work. My problem at this point is that I just don’t get, conceptually, how they’re doing the networking. I have a three-segmented network (LAN/management, iSCSI, and replication channel), and I can’t figure out what ip address to put where when doing the configs. I wish that e-open had a set of documentation that said, “Ok, here’s what’s going on behind the scenes. Figure it out.” That actually would help.



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