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Bits and Pieces June 18, 2009

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The datacenter-in-waiting is starting to take shape in the corner of the server room. I’ve got the Cisco routers set up so they talk to each other over ethernet, and our new data center network is logically separated from the rest of the network.

  • Configured the Belkin KVM-over-IP. It has a very simple interface; you connect to the web page and *bam*, you’re looking at the server switcher. Nothing extraneous here. Mouse tracking is a little finicky and seems to depend mostly on the “enhanced pointer” control inside the remote OS.
  • Looks like I will have to figure out how to trunk VLANs across the fiber to the DC for our phone integration. The Cisco guy was talking about a Layer 3 VLAN, or virtual interface, or something like that. Time to do some research.
  • Received one of our modem servers from www.siliconmechanics.com; they’re a systems integrator. Great to do business with. Problem of the day, though, is this: the new server has an Intel SATA controller. XP doesn’t have a native driver (and yes, we’re using XP on the server). With no floppy drive, how do you load XP? Check out www.nliteos.com if you haven’t yet – it’s amazingly easy to build a bootable Windows XP or 2003 CD with your text-mode drivers pre-installed. I’m making a few for each of our custom servers with the RAID controller, NIC, and video drivers pre-loaded. Had the same problem with an HP DL320 G5p server – I stuck in the SmartStart CD and it said, “Sorry, this disk controller is not supported.” What? What a monumental error HP made on that deal. How can they ship a server that doesn’t run SmartStart? Anyway, nLite to the rescue. I downloaded the SATA drivers from HP and built a new W2k3 installer CD and away we went.


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